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Feeling the feeling and healing

He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3, WEB)

Do you experience great happiness like fireworks in the sky, like your chest would be just about to burst with joy? Or sadness as if the sea would be pulling you to its depths? Well, these might be a little “over narrated” reactions, but I do think that as an artist we experience human feelings a little bit differently, maybe. I think, and this is based on own observations of my artist friends and colleagues, we just observe life more through our senses. It’s like we have a kind of “kaleidoscope” through which we see a lot more levels in everyday life than someone else might see, you agree? 

I guess it’s safe to say that art is made through certain kinds of feelings and emotions. (Would be interesting to see an exhibition with visual art that has been made totally without feelings, it’s impossible, isn’t it?! 😀 ) The artist is bringing something visible, touchable, audible for others to experience. Artist is giving something from within him- or herself, that has been hidden before. Creating is a lifeline to creative person, but there are so many of us who haven’t taken this free and oh-so-wonderful-way-of-healing in to action! I want to dearly encourage you to take the step into something new, something you haven’t done before!

For me, this painting was part of a long healing process that God took me into. As you can see, I’ve painted myself without any recognizable features. This might add a certain kind of… mystery touch to the painting yea, and I’m happy for that, but let me tell you a BIG secret: *I don’t know how to paint human face* so I just choose not to do that! 😀 You see, it’s not about how “well” you can paint or how “talented” you are, it’s about daring to try and find new way to be and learn! Let me add a text I wrote elsewhere in this blog: 

The “You Can’t” is so very sadly true lie with many of us. WHO SAYS you can’t? WHO DEFINES what is when one can and when one can’t? NO ONE. That is absolutely the right of no one. If you want to draw: DRAW!!!

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