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Music has been a huge part of my life, like it is with many of us. Can you imagine what the world would be like without music? What would your life be like, if you didn’t have music?

As a kid I first played accordion, disliking almost every moment of it! 😀 Then moved on to piano, guitar, flute, baritone sax… Have you heard of people who have learned to play an instrument “instantly”, with God? That’s what happened to me and actually in my church I personally know at least two more to whom it has happened, so it is quite “natural” way to learn for a believer, glory to God. 🙂 I did know some chords but I couldn’t play if I didn’t have the automatic accompaniment on in my keyboard. So what I did was not really “play”, just pushed the keys every now and then. One Sunday afternoon I was alone at home, didn’t even plan to open the piano, but as I was sitting on the piano stool already, I found my hands on the keys and suddenly it just “clicked” and I immediately knew how the free accompaniment is done! And please, please dear friend, understand that I am boasting about my God’s enormous ways to…. just to minister to us even though we wouldn’t have asked anything! He is omnipotent, He is the Creator of every ‘creator’, and He surely is Someone to boast about and I never get tired of it!

Though I’ve had many instrumental passions during the time, nowadays my instrument really is only piano. I don’t play it like a pro, but enough for Him. 🙂 So, whatever creative aspect you’ve thought you would LOVE to do, just ask God to help you accomplish it. You’ll never know what can happen, as He really is a Father who wants only the best for you, and Who’s priority is to love you with an everlasting love, and Who actually wants to give you gifts beyond your wildest dreams! Stay blessed in Jesus! 🙂


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