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kulkuri I learned to draw by mistake. This means, that I’d always let myself stay in the thought “YOU CAN’T”. One afternoon I was sitting and fiddling a pen. I saw a pic of a bird in a magazine and tried to draw it just for fun, as untill then I had drawn only stick figures. To my great surprise there really was an ok-enough-birdie on the paper when I was finished! I remember being SO SURPRISED, that I had to call to my aunt to “come to see what I did!”. 😀 Nevertheless, it took a decade and more, before I dared even to touch colours… All of these are made before 1992.

The “You Can’t” is so very sadly true lie with many of us. WHO SAYS you can’t? WHO DEFINES what is when one can and when one can’t? NO ONE. That is absolutely the right of no one. If you want to draw: DRAW!!! 😀

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