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smpHi! I’m Satu-Marianne, (b.1970), IT-professional by former education, bachelor of social sciences by the ladder, living in Finland. I’ve been working in vast professional area from IT, media to rehabilitative youth and psychiatric work. I was blessed as an art evangelist at my church in 2011.

I met Jesus in 2003 and have been following Him ever since. He’s the real source of creativity, and He’s the one to go to when the inspiration is wandering around! ūüėÄ He’s also Someone that has saved my whole life, and has taken me in His inside circle of friends and family. The very same ‘membership’ is available for You too, just ask!

I offer workshops about art, creativity and evangelizing. It is one of my passions to encourage the power that is mainly sitting in the pew to take action and experience their creativity with the Holy Spirit! I’m also available for workshops specialized in tingatinga art.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and that you’d be encouraged to try something new with Jesus!

cheers and stay blessed in Christ,

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