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Colours in the Bible and our art

Regenbogen - ICHTHYS Mandala
Colours are such a huge blessing in our lives, just think about it! They affect to our everyday life, our emotions, our decision making,  such a vast and multileveled area of our whole being! Some people even get physical emotions of colours. Like there’s a certain kind of beige that literaly, hahah, makes me sick! 😀 It is because as a child I was eating this pudding with that particular colour, and actually threw up as it tasted so bad… But thank God, most of the colours bring me joy and happiness too. 🙂

So what does the Bible say about colours then? I recently gave a workshop where we slightly went into the subject, but as you can understand the Bible is full of stories where different colours occur and it’s not my intention to list them all here. There are also plenty of websites that give you detailed information about the matter, just ask Google. I will be writing some postings later about colours and how they, basicly, occur in the Bible but now I just want to leave you with this idea:

As each of us has his/her very own language with the Holy Spirit, the very specific vocabulary that He uses only to talk with you, the same goes with colours. We, unless being blind, have been saturated in colours ever since we were born. Colours have a strong psychical and psychological impact to our system and it is kind of like cumulative but unconscious process how they will affect our life along the way. I believe that this unconscious knowledge, “emotional knowledge” goes hand in hand with the learned symbolism of colours in our art. When making my own art with the Holy Spirit, colors have the most significant meanings, but I’ll be posting about that later.

Stay blessed and be safe in Christ! 🙂

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