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Overcoming fear as an artist

Every one of us knows what it’s like to be afraid. That is something that belongs into human nature. Fear is a system that has brought the human kind to the present time as powerful and viral as it seems to be. Fear has had a life-saving feature especially when people were living in a very close connection with the wild nature.

But what happens when you’re a performing artist and panic hits you a minute before it’s your turn? What are your ways to cope? During the years with God I’ve leaned to His promise that He will not leave nor forsake us, no matter what. Jesus has never, ever let me down, and He surely has given His peace into my heart when the enemy has tried to take it! Also He doesn’t delay His help, but it always comes in time! It’s crucial, that we face these situations as it gives us the potential to RISE ABOVE this “false alarm”. Don’t stay mourning and shivering, shake the enemy’s strongholds instead in the name of Jesus and stop breastfeeding fear and it will leave! It is promised in James 4:7 “Be subject therefore to God. But resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

You know, that Bible has been written as a lawful legacy for you too to use against the powers and principalities of this world. You can declare every promise you find from the Bible concerning your own life! The power is not in our declaration though, but in the name of Jesus Christ. Every time you say Jesus’s name aloud, the enemy has to squat down. Jesus’s name has the power over every single thing we face. Every single one. 

Darling, be brave in your faith, as it is the lifeline for us to exist, to be, to create, to live (a godly life), and to keep the final goal at sight: our place in Heaven. When you boldly confess Jesus as your Lord and use your “new birth right” as His family member, He will be proud to present you to Father God! Stay blessed, and be safe in Jesus. ūüôā 

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