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Married with the Inspiration?

Yeah. Living together with your Inspiration is a lot like living in a marriage. Once you’ve said “I do”, you’re going to spend the rest of your life with the same spouse, by default, that is. Think of your run-away Inspiration as a marriage: once you get the first wrinkle in love, it’s time for the “I do” -part. At that point the marriage is about our will, not the feeling, and this is very important.

So when your Inspiration is doing everything it can to avoid your grab, it is a lot if not all about your will to get it back! (Unless you are willing to sit tight and wait when it shall return… in which case you’re reading a wrong blog! 😉 😀 ) At that point you need to take a grab of what ever cousins of Inspiration you’ve got left, and just start exercising what ever area of creativity it is that is your talent. Don’t let it get away with running away that easily, take a good hold and just go for it!

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