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Creative Call


This is a book written by Janice Elsheimer and it is published by Waterbrook Press. (You can get it from many online bookstores.) The book is for helping Christians to find their creative gifts and the call behind it. It gives many tools to recognize your gifts, hearing from the Holy Spirit and strenghtening your identity as an artist.

We are planning to start study group around this book in the spring 2017. As we go on, I will write about the process here and hopefuly also be an inspiration for you to start the same at your church/city. (Mind you, that this is something to do together with many different churches in your city!)

The chapters will be subtitled with Creative Call plus each section as they are in the book:

  1. Creative call – Beginning
  2. Creative call – Listening
  3. Creative call – Awakening
  4. Creative call – Forgiving
  5. Creative call – Breathing in
  6. Creative call – Breathing out
  7. Creative call – Making time
  8. Creative call – Simplifying

Welcome on board! 🙂

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