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What is your PASSION?

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Both of my two passions are included in this photo: Sub-Saharan Africa and creativity, praise God! 🙂

I know very well how it is when you’re still not sure of your call. I waited for about ten years before I got the certainty, that encouraging Christians to use their creativity for God’s purposes would be one of the fields where God really wanted to use me. There were times when I actually was certain I had understood wrong.

So how can you know your calling then? There’s one thing that at least with us artists is quite a firm sign: PASSION. What is the area of your creative passion? If you know that, you already have a pretty good picture of what God might want you to do. At least what direction He might want you to start taking your steps.

As you’re taking these steps testing whether they lead to the right direction, God will open doors for you as you go further. You will meet many divine interventions in how things “just fall in place”. That is not “just”, that is God. 🙂

God is such a fantastic Father, as He often uses our passions for His purposes! He hasn’t given any gifts to believers just for “entertainment”, but in order to be really used! Start being active in your creativity!


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