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Try again (like you’ve never been hurt before)

“Love again like you’ve never been hurt before”. That’s a beautiful saying. Creativity within an artist or a musician is a very private, genuine experience. So when it happens that you’ve been put down over and over again, how to turn it to a breeding ground? Well, trust is something you might have to build again. But trust especially between you and God. He speaks in His word so many promises of taking care of you in different levels of life. As you are His child, you are entitled for full care take from His part! 🙂  Just “consider the ravens: they don’t sow, they don’t reap, they have no warehouse or barn, and God feeds them. How much more valuable are you than birds!”  (Luke 12:24, WEB.)

Rejection and malign criticism to an artist that is just trying his/her wings to maintain his own vision in his art, let alone in ministry, can be really devastating. There was a time in my creative life, when I felt as if I had a barrel hoop stuck around me so that I couldn’t move even my arms. The urge to spread the Gospel through the media that was familiar to me was so huge, but for some reason there didn’t come many people who could’ve been supporting my calling. Actually I don’t recall any. But it just wasn’t God’s time.

There are many, many fellow artists who are in or who have experienced this situation. I want to encourage you: do not give up! If you think it is God’s promise that is on the background of your internal urge, then your job is to press on and keep reminding God about His promise and proclaiming His will to be reality in your life. What ever you do, keep practising your creativity, you WILL bear the fruit when the time is at hand!

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