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The art of Waiting

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Don’t you just hate it?!? When you’re waiting for something/someone and nothing happens? I do. I once read a story written by Scott Hicks. It was headlined “The past is present – getting back to the basics”. Among other things it talked about how the people nowadays just simply aren’t able to wait. Everything should happen right now, preferably yesterday! And yet God so often puts us on the waiting spot. This is especially annoying if it comes on the urge to please God. He keeps the doors shut, specifically the door that has the path to your full calling. He gives the fire in to your heart, but He might not let you free on the field just then. Phew.

I know my timing certainly is different from God’s. Actually I don’t think God has much to blame us for being impatient, as His 24 hours is like 1000 years for us! Imagine if you’d have to wait for another sunrise for the next 1000 years… (Well, here in Finland it actually really feels like that during the winter, so that’s not too bad… 😀 ) Or in the morning when you go out for work you’d knew that you’ll be coming back home after about 550-600 years or so, cheering “HONEY, I’M HOME!” still as fresh as you were in the morning. I mean over 500 years before. (Shake Tutankhamon!) And just THINK WHAT A SALARY WE WOULD HAVE!!! 😀

But hey, God is really teaching me about being able to wait for HIS timing, giving MY schedule to Him. Ok Dad, I’M WILLING TO WAIT EXACTLY UNTIL THE 27th of AUGUST AND NOT A DAY MORE!!!!

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