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How God started with me

Do you have it in your heart to tell about the Gospel but you just haven’t found your media yet? Or maybe you even know what your way to evangelize is, but the doors just don’t seem to open?

I’ll tell you how it all started for me, and maybe it can be encouragement for you too. So I had been doing miniature roomboxes for some years already before I came to faith in 2003. I had two small babies and was studying and trying to take care of the home. The desire to make the minis was… terrible. It took practically all the time when my hands were free. Along the way I started to feel that it wasn’t right, as it took my attention away from everything else: my family, studies and we also used to be a foster family for two teenagers who were living in the same house with us. But the biggest thing that was constantly in the background of my mind was, that it was between God and myself. I wasn’t able to grow in faith.

So I said “God. Take this awful itch to make miniatures away, or do something that I can make them with an easy conscience”. What a great, big, awesome God we have; He did exactly that! He had given me the skill to make miniature things, so much so that it became my passion. At this point I had already had many group and personal exhibitions around Finland, so I had it going with getting “secular” opportunities to show my art. But I will never forget the moment when it happened for the first time, that the Holy Spirit told me clearly what I must do…

I was in IKEA, London UK. Saw a package of 3 photo frames with different colours: orange, yellow and red. What I saw was a package of frames for beautiful miniature roombox displays. At the very moment my hand touched the package, I got three words: faith, hope, loveWhen I got back home to Finland it was amazing how the Holy Spirit gave everything: colours, Bible verses, installations, symbolism, newspaper articles, materials, He told me e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g  as the work progressed. When I was making a certain phase of the work, I didn’t know what comes next before it was time to move on. I haven’t experienced anything like that before or after that.  A real, genuine flow! 

Maybe I’ll write later about how you can learn to make art with the Holy Spirit? At least I can tell how He teaches me to work with Him through creativity. It is a whole different thing to paint and paint what He asks you to paint. 🙂

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