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Do you measure your gifts?


Do you squeeze your gifts suitable for your own convenience? Don’t!

So? Do you measure your gifts? Don’t tell me you don’t! ūüėÄ Let’s just say, that it runs in the (human) family. ūüôā Even as little children we start to compare and compete about who’s fastest, who’s the quickiest¬†fingers, who’s got the loudest scream, who’s got the strongest daddy, who’s got the longest nose jojo, you just name it! So it starts from early childhood, and is actively strengthened when we journey through 9-10 years of obligatory studies, and this, my friend, is just the beginning! There are countless situations, institutions, obligations, where we are set in an order by the abilities that happen to matter. That is so, so sad, but of course the world might stop spinning if it wasn’t like that.

What you need to do, is to stop and jump out from this way of thinking. Instead of measuring what you are able to do according to the potent of your gifts, start measuring your gifts with what you should do!¬†You need to start asking God how He wants you to use the gifts that He has given! Don’t think “that’s too big for my skills”: if God actually wants you to do something, He will equip you for it! Just step out from the “am not able” -mode into the “I AM ABLE BECAUSE I THINK I AM ABLE AND THIS IS WHAT GOD IS ASKING ME TO DO” -mode! Halleluyah, and ALWAYS give the glory to God, as without Him, our precious gifts would be in a brown cardboard box in the attic for someone else to throw around!¬†

2 Responses to Do you measure your gifts?

  • Kay says:

    This is great! I’ve thought that too many times, “God, this is too big for me.” when in reality, it’s not too big at all, because it isn’t just ME who is stepping out on whatever journey He is calling me towards, God is with me through it all as well, and as we know, nothing is too big for God!

  • BusySheep says:

    Amen and amen, I’m so excited if this encourages you!!! ūüėõ

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