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Come out from the desert!

Come out from the desert and lean on your Lover

Come out from the desert and lean on your Lover. (Aquarelle on paper.)

As a believer you know, that sometimes God takes us to experience the desert. It is first and foremost, what we think, a spiritual desert. There we feel that we’re all alone, God doesn’t speak to us anymore. It can last for years, as harsh as it sounds, and get so severe lack of the Living Water, that one could even think about quitting the whole thing with Jesus. “If this is all You offer, I’m done, thank you!”. It could also be, that the enemy has convinced you, that the desert walk is your destiny and that’s all you’re ever gonna get from God. IT IS NOT TRUE!!!

But the thing is, that if we really want to grow in faith, it happens in and through the time spent in the desert. Of course we can be like a piece of lard in a freezer, so to speak, you know what I mean? You just “hang in there” and give up, as long as you still get out some day. But to grow in faith is also about striving when you are experiencing the desert. We are good enough for God through Jesus Christ, that’s for sure, but if you want to be Spiritually victorious here on earth, you sometimes just need to make the decision to keep your head above the water level. God has given us free will, and it applies also to how we decide to go through this experience. Do I really want to compromise my rightful place in Heaven, do I want to come through this time just barely alive, or do I choose to worship and relate with Him no matter what? Please, choose the “no matter what”, you can make it through Him who strengthens you! 

This piece was painted during a worship session in July. I felt I was just by the door to come out from a very long time in a desert, and I saw the picture of me leaning on Jesus as He was walking with me the last miles. (He’s been with me, and you, all the time, but I felt as if He would’ve made himself visible to me only a little time before I got out.) So my dear, what ever you go through and what ever you do, don’t give up, as your oasis is already visible!

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