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How to hit the bull’s eye with your art

I bet it is more the rule than the exception for us believers, that at some point we get the looong glances. ūüėČ Like when I say I talk to God they say I’m “rightgeous”, but when I tell them God answers me back they don’t say anything… You can just see the flashing light from their eyes which cable “N-U-T-T-E-R!” ūüėÄ But well, that’s what I was like before I met the Living God in the middle of the street in 2003, so I do¬†understand where these glances come from. ūüôā

When painting or other wise working with the Holy Spirit I’ve come to situations where I’ve had to choose whether to act along the first impression or stay asking God the right way. As many times as this has happened, I’ve also witnessed the “Holy Pattern”. You see, the devil is there quick as an ermine trying to convince “you didn’t hear correctly, maybe you should wait, maybe you should think about it before you start acting according to it, it was just a faint impression, nothing more…”

Don’t try to measure God’s ways with your mind, you’ll never make it even close! For me, the “Holy Pattern” most often has been, that the first impression I get, the first thought or ray of light I see when making my art work with the Spirit, is usually the right way to go further.

There was this miniature roombox that I made into an Ariel washing powder box. The name of this work was “Angel’s laundry¬†day”. The Holy Spirit told me to use one specific Bible phrase with it, and it was: ‘A voice came to him again the second time, “What God has cleansed, you must not call unclean.” ‘ (Acts 10:15, WEB).¬†I really didn’t¬†agree with Him and was thinking a totally different verse, though I did use the one He asked. In the end, I had an exhibition in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation day center in Helsinki, and I later heard, that this specific roombox with this specific Bible verse was really touching a lady customer that was also visiting the exhibition. So keeping my own mind I might have hit 7 or 8, but when I did as the Holy Spirit told me to, my work wasn’t just somethingy nicey: it had the true word of God in it, and it hit the bull’s eye when it reached this lady.¬†

So what ever art you do, be true to the often very small voice of the Holy Spirit. He is gentle and He never forces His way in our life, but if you choose to rely on Him the greatest blessing is to see how He works with and through you! Stay blessed! ūüôā

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