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Worship stop

Here you can see a glimpse of Finnish! :) This is the Worship stop advertisement.

Here you can see a glimpse of Finnish! 🙂 This is the Worship stop advertisement.

I love my church, the Evangelical Free Church of Mikkeli. During the summer we started these so called “Worship stop” -evenings, “Ylistyspysäkki” in Finnish. (“Stop” coming from the allusion of a ‘bus stop’; a place to stay for a bit before continuing, and a place from where you can get on to different directions. If any native English speaker comes up with a better sounding name, please comment!)

Worship stop -evenings are to encourage believers to be active in their creativity, and to find ways to give their talent to glorify God. The time is only 2 hours, but it is so because we want to spend it intensively in prayer and worship while we’re there. When the time is limited, it helps to keep our thoughts in Him, and to receive His inspiration and teaching. Everyone is reflecting the Holy Spirit in a way that is charasteristic to each, so we have painting, lyric writing, poems, worship dancing, etc. And of course someone leading the worship in flow. There’s no chit chatting during the hours, just experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit and interacting with Him. Before we end, we share about what we have painted, written, experienced, and like this learn from each others’ experience, and get encouraged.

I see these evenings very important. Normally I don’t like to generalize things, but it seems as if many of us Finns are pressed down with our creativity ever since we were kids. I believe that in the background there is the fear of man. There must be thousands of adults in Finland, who recognize the creativity within themselves, but who have never, ever tried it in action! It can be that they don’t even know what their creative talent actually is, they just feel it’s there. Worship stop -evenings are e.g. as simple as The Place to learn to lift up your hands in worship, if you’ve been too afraid to do that. If you can’t yet walk, you can be on all fours, so to speak. We can start from the very basics of how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, how to recognize your talents and how to express them. But the point is, that we continue growing in creativity with the Lord, and take it always one step further. Glory to God!

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  • Annette says:

    Intriguing idea. So do you see using your creativity as a gift of the Spirit and ergo we are to use it, or are you seeing creativity as a way to exhibit the reality of the Spirit in your life?

    • BusySheep says:

      Hi Annette! Me personally? I see it both ways. My creativity is most certainly a gift of the Holy Spirit, and I want to give it back to Him to glorify His name and to share others what I’ve got from Him. I also see it pure grace in my personal life, that I have this means of exhibiting the reality of Him in my life. I love Jesus, and I want to tell about it, and first and foremost about Him and the simplicity of Salvation. I feel fine arts is my special way to evangelize, as I’m not very good verbal speaker. Also I think we ought to use much more also the visual possibilities in evangelizing people.

      What I’m saying in general is, that if you recognize the creativity within you, and you have the will to tell about your faith to others, then you should take advantage of what God has to offer in order to help you do that. When you have a living relationship with the Holy Spirit, it is truly amazing what He can make happen through you. When you are willing to offer your talent (what ever it is) to God, He will multiply it for His glory. Thank you for the question, Annette! 🙂

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