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Pastors, cherish your artists!


Painting by Christina Papagianni.

YEY?!!!!! It is absolutely fabulous if you have been blessed with artists in your church! Don’t you think? Or have you not noticed? Did you know, that there dwells an enormous power of the Holy Spirit in creativity? It is power, that so very often is neglected, and artists are forced to choose between their faith and their creative talent, that at its best could also be the CALLING that God Himself has led the artist to enter. Some principal points for you to consider, while you’re giving some serious thinking in order to take advantage of what God has offered for your church in creativity:

* Please, do not judge the piece of art through secular glasses. All the lines may not be formally valid like an educated artist (or an “educated” viewer, for that matter!) might prefer. The point is to appreciate what your talented church member has expressed from within him/her. Holy Spirit talks in a way and another, and if something is for sure, it is that God’s word shall not return to God void, but it shall accomplish that which He please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto He sent it. (Isaiah 55:11 WEB)

* Value your artists not because of their accomplishments in gained education, but because of their willingness to open their uttermost depths of heart for God to work as He pleases in order to touch many lives. The process itself can be very consuming for the one who has given him-/herself to it. Artists are their own sensitive breed of human beings, treat them with care and they’ll give you back hundred times in bringing new life to your church and offering you new ways to reach new souls!

Glory to God, halleluyah!

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