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Artist and (the) Glory


Do you have the heart of a servant, or of the one who wants to be served?

Difficult subject… Or is it? Maybe just a little uncomfortable? The society we’re living in has the habit of setting some people up on a pedestal. Often those people are the ones who affect in the cultural area of the society. It’s because they are thought to have abilities that a few have. And maybe it’s true. Some are creatively more talented than others.

As an artist we are used to be “on the spot”. We often also enjoy the attention. I know I do, when the attention is about my art. But it’s like a two-way street. The other way you need the attention to have your art do what it is suppose to do, but the other way it can be a spiritual trap. Sometimes we need to exam our motivation. Where’s our heart in? Is it in the taps on the shoulders? Is it in the admiration and (maybe) false acceptance? Or is it in servanthood? Is it where our Lord Jesus would so much love to see it, in serving others and encouraging them with our gifts?

I once met a Finnish musician when interviewing him for a radio show. He said something that has stayed in my mind ever since. He said as a young Christian he used to have this fear of getting arrogant as he also was one of the top ballroom dancers in Finland. He was so worried, that he went to his youth pastor and told about his concern. The pastor said: “Relax! You can let it go to your head all that you want, God will surely drop you back down on earth!” Haha, that’s comforting to know, but it is worth focusing our motivation radar every now and then in order to avoid the painful (sometimes ackward) landing! 😀

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